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 The workbench below shows one common reason why you may want to buy our accouter parts for JBL speakers. The first problem is a landing that varies in height from 0.156 inch to 0.195 (nominal is 0.195.) Secondly a picture shows measurements taken from the bottome of the frame to the magnet top plate. The frame casting varies in thicknesss on this part and is oriented so that the errors add to each other making a total deviation from one side to another of 0.075 inches.

Speaker Frame Tolerance Speaker Landing Tolerance

You may want to use a clamp or buy a glueable mesh accouter for this reason or for other reasons, which are many but include easy removal in case of coil rub after the install, saving the money spent on new parts. Did you know for instance, that if you start with a fresh linen outer surround speaker and add stiffening 'dope' that it's tone will go from a slightly metalic sound to a smooth rolled off bass tone? There is a reason for that. The traditional design of speakers as they adapted to more power became air pumping machines that bear moving mass by a clearance air flow passing over the pole piece of a speaker on the inside surfaces of their voice coils. The turnaround is what you hear or don't hear. However the stiffnes while it controls more, makes it hard to get any other tone but dark reverberant bass tone and limits bandwitdth of frequency response.

         We offer the Test IN THE MIDWEST Before You Invest!
  Djumble services was formed in 2013 after our 10+ years of partnership marketing of higher precision tool and fixture built prefabricated speaker repair kits made from common supply chain components. At that time we uncovered a need for tailoring and designing the sound or as well as the suspensions of vintage JBL speakers. We thought choices were limited because everything had to conform to single source standards, especially the cloth accouter and surround components of the suspension. Cloth requires that it be glued to the landing, the bottom of the cast speaker frame. If other materials were used, such as silicones or tough plastics, they could not be glued. In that retail setting, the opportunity to sell glue to customers after selling cloth accouters provided more profit, but an inferior speaker suspension system for the money invested, we believed. We began making and supplying mechanical clamps and machining the frames to accept the clamps, in part to sell but also to allow us to innovate with new suspensions and voice coils and gaps. Today, we are still searching and consolidating with both our customers and suppliers as their needs arise.

  It became a matter of practicality to move away from just representing branding and/or retail efforts and into consulting and customizing. For our goals, the technical and not prestige was both the dominant and the tonic scale we wanted to price point our value analysis functions and assets within. Our certified JBL trademarked distributor parts had already long ago became more of a menu of parts to us, and not the preset kit combinations of vintage models with their associated vintage wattages. The vintage JBL speakers provide an ideal platform for the field research and development cooperative that we have grown to be.

 - for where large venues source fresh sound in
a consolidating market with few discount sources and
no product differentiation, reputation base or brand loyalty.

We have been actually MAKING kits & Selling internationally since 1999 supplying

modified large displacement four inch voice coils for die cast aluminum speakers.  

Original Equip Mfg OEM A & B-Stock parts. typical magnets? vintage JBL®  

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#1 - the audio industry background
#2 - our top of line Voice Coil & Magnets

 •  Innovative Coil & Frame Mods!

 •  Higher profit margins than otherwise available.

 • The largest electronics franchise stores crushed by service complexity worldwide and miniaturization competition.

 • Established reputation of quality by leading 'vintage' speaker product line without ant farm minaturization.

 •  Tens of millions of existing speakers in need of our product and are public domain post patent status goods. 

 •  Have some ability in econtent management versus passive consumption of lower digital resolution or free content.

 •  The risk involved in resell-only and franchises that sell YOU deadbeat stock is HUGE. Cost to Volume reductions.



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We do have a access to the aftermarket parts databases and web sales and sites for special technical assistance.

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