I representing myself and my busy partners who own machine shops or repair machine tools as they rent time with me to process parts.

   What it means to use Vintage speakers

After many eBay auctions I have found most customers

are still buying speaker parts designed by the product

managers circa 1940's, who, like some kind of CHAK the rain God, were not clear about what frequency

profile the various parts they had were intended

for. Differneces in diameters and magnet weights, but

no other product features to sell. Today we can

upgrade speakers made since the low watt 60's with engineering polymers and glue free inspection ready

assembly parts. This easy removal of parts opens up

the interchange ability and the customization combinational possibilities to make it rain great

entertainment even if it's a highly humid day in a

thatched roof jungle hut during a rainstorm under a

waterfall. This water righ planet should sound as good as it looks.

I am interested in improving speaker sound quality. We therefore work on weak sound or reducing minor part and glue costs as much as offering to the stars, our customers and (source machining) center (shops) of the Gods.

             Professional manufacturing protoTool design/marketer

            specializing in metals and plastics for construction use,

            internet commerce and technical physics & math.



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