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We only machine frames and magnets for JBL expired patend 4 inch voice coils to standard and oversized gaps. For personal check or money order. PC is 12 day clear.

Our system of crossovers uses non-traditional design capacitor arrays on only one speaker of two. Explore crossover types here...
1 Item(s) 1 are accouter clamps Qty 1-100 that allows glue free mount and removal as well as higher control accouters.
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Made of stress relieved steel to match machined diameters on 15 inch and LE10 gear.
Buy 10" 15" 6.75" for our machined frame clamp NOW button below:
BUY NOW6.75" ID Accouter clamp $90 ea. with Free Ship ~Rated #1 in JBL Upgrades Rate This Page
Lot #1.1 $90
Machined 15" 2226 frame

Lot #1.2 $90
Machined 15" D130/40 frame

Lot #1.3 $55
Matched landing 10" not machined frame $55
2 Item2 is Large Accouter Clamp(s) Qty 1-100 for 12" and 18" JBL frames $90.00$
Buy 12" 18" 7.125" ID clamp for our machined frame, clamp NOW button below: Average Rating: Not yet rated Rate This Product
3 Item3 is Cone Only JBL aftermarket type A JBL paper cone as used on our kits. JBL 2240, 2242h for our 4 inch 'best' voice coil
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Cone 2240 2242
4 Item4 is JBL magnet types>A JBL magnet machined oversize 4" OD plate as used in modified gap machined magnet. (Available are) JBL E (12 to 18") series, and 2226, and D-130(140)
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$125.00 /td>
Magnet type
5 item5 is 98mm" to 100.5mm" slit ID Accouter to fit either large and small accouter clamps (choose 7.125" or 6.75" at checkout where you choose ID in Millimeters. Polymer, large airflow. These spiders on kits at present take longer to fill the order than our fast shipped pre-fabricated in-stock drop-in kits. These may glue to the landing because of a special coating that bonds well. We Recommend 6 small dabs of Red Devil King Caulk
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Djumble Accouter Spec versus Traditional Linen Accouter
8 grams       versus   6-8 grams
Extension limit shock damping vs weak hi flex material.
.035 inch fabric versus    .015" thick fabric
Zero Roll Height (flat)   0.075"X2= 0.150" overall
Total travel surface in flexure vs .075x4x3=0.9" radial
Radial Support  Concentric Hub free floatingx 3
0.039" Airflow Vent Size 0.005" Mesh opening
0.020" mesh thread net size 0.003" 3 layer
$40.00 typical retail 1 item $8.00 for 1
Lifespan Cloth: 1,000 hours or 6 million cycles MAX.
Lifespan PEET Polymer Accouter 10000 hours unlimited cycles.
Former Cutout DIAM

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